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Change is hard. Your LifeCoach makes it easier.

 Susan Killian    

Susan is a LifeCoach for people desiring positive change. She helps business and medical professionals, artists and people with marital, relationship, career, health or energy problems, and she does this in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. She has coached clients from all walks of life, including overweight, underweight and physically challenged individuals, creative and performing artists, addicts and administrators. And, she has expanded her holistic practice to include Balance in Life counseling in budgeting expenses; career planning; creativity; divorce recovery; marital conflicts; goal setting; health; personal development; relaxation development; stress reduction; total quality management; weight loss; and workaholic recovery.

Susan's Invitation

My style of LifeCoaching emphasizes the healing of the heart, mind, body and spirit. I offer creative approaches to change, helping you to connect with your inner guide and find powerful shifts in energy. Using both my professional training and intuition, I help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and help you clarify and realize your hopes, dreams and purpose in life. Instead of just treating symptoms, my clients discover the source of challenges in their lives that heretofore they could not approach on their own.

Quotes from Clients

 "Thanks for listening and being so open. I am learning from you. Thanks for being a great coach!" P.H.

"I am grateful for the structure...thanks for doing what I pay you to do." M.Z.

Qualities & Experience

I can be accepting of any type of lifestyle that a client may present to me, without judgment. I am an empathic listener, who can be patient, kind, and loving to the in-progress client. I ask my clients to be Daring, to 'Go to the Edge' and I am making the journey right along with them.


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